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888 "888 "88b    "88b888888 "88b888   888P"      "88b888 "888 "88bd8P  Y8b 
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888  888  888888  888888888  888888   888    888  888888  888  888Y8b.     
888  888  888"Y888888888888  888888   888    "Y888888888  888  888 "Y8888  

Compiled GNU tools for the i370-ibm-openedition platform 

- Sources + Binaries 

 > uncompress file.tar.Z 
 > tar -xvf file.tar 
 > cd file 
 > make install 

OS/390 ADCD 20.00 03 3090 

The local.tar.gz is from  and contains  
precompiled binaries as well as sources for the following tools 


gunzip on Linux and transfer to z/OS (the TAR archive is EBCDIC friendly already)
and link to /usr/local from some partition where there is enough space 

The tools.tar.gz is from and is a loose collection 
of GNU/OpenSource tools as described in the "Open Source Software for z/OS and OS/390 UNIX"
RedBook. This archive needs to be extracted on a Linux machine and uploaded individually to the z/OS 

linux $ >  gunzip tools.tar.gz
linux $ >  tar -xvf tools.tar  

FTP the individual file to z/OS with BIN 
To some working directory (like /work/GNU) 

zos >  pax -rf foobar.pax.Z.bin 
Webserver 1.0